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Job Title: Business manager
Gender: male or femaleNumber: 3Date: 2016-06-16
Job Requirements: Responsibilities:

1. Under the guidance of the higher authorities, to carry out independent sales activities, to achieve sales targets;
2. Through telephone, visit and other ways to establish contact with customers, and further improve the quality of customer procurement cooperation;
3. In accordance with the market to provide market analysis, customer analysis, start customer research; has a strong learning ability, open up new industry applications;
4. Customer demand processing, order tracking and payment recovery;
5. Customer service and relationship maintenance.

1. Bachelor degree or above, electrical engineering or power electronics related professional priority;
2. Exposure to supercapacitor or lithium battery upstream and downstream products or with bus, wind power, rail transportation, charging pile and other industry experience is preferred;
3. Have good learning ability, communication ability, negotiation ability and market development ability, can bear some work pressure;
4. Cheerful, honest and trustworthy, with team awareness, work seriously responsible, enterprising;
5. Able to adapt to travel, have a good customer relationship processing capacity;
6. Good image quality.
Job Title: Sales Representative
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